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Full range of specialized digital strategy, web development, web design, graphic design and internet marketing service.
Don't have enough resources? Outsourcing web design is the best possible solution. Choose to work with team of experienced web designers.
Functionality or design? Choose both! Our experienced team will make an amazing website for your business, enabling you to present it more efficiently to your clients.
We create the most visually attractive and modern design for your business. Make your corporate identity and graphic design easy recognizable to everyone.
Complete your business with your digital presence. We will develop for you an amazing internet marketing strategy that will get you the right clients.
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Custom-designed and creative digital agency services


Are you looking for a full range of specialized digital strategy, web development, web design, and internet marketing service? KUJKA.COM digital agency services are offering you exactly what you need! We will make your brand go viral through multiple channels, providing you with amazing digital guidance. Also, If you’re not quite sure which agency to choose for your business campaign, KUJKA.COM will remove all your doubts. Our agency has it all – knowledge, experience and proficiency. Choosing us, is a choice that will bring you cost-effective and audience-targeted results.

Modern trends, cutting-end technologies, and our experts’ confidence will help you create the best solutions for your business. Our unique web development services offer customized solutions for creative and corporate businesses worldwide. We offer dynamic, intuitive and user-centered web design, while the team of web developers choose the latest technologies for the implementation of it. Also, we consider that collaboration with our clients is the main key to success. As proof of this, we record more than a decade long partnerships with our clients from Switzerland and Canada.

What makes KUJKA.COM a perfect partner?

1. We are a team.
By carefully choosing our best experts for your specific project, and enabling real-time connectivity with our unlimited support. We assure you that our relationships with clients are based on trust!

2. We identify the objectives. Before we get down to business, our team meets our clients’ objectives from a business perspective. What do you want to achieve with the new website, for example? Who are your current users? Or do you want to change your target audience? We pay attention to every single requirement.

3. We communicate with our clients. Everything that our team of experts does is transparent. Namely, it means we provide our clients with real-time activity updates, minute reporting and straightforward advice. In other words, you can stay up to date with our latest technologies.

4. We guarantee success! In KUJKA.COM we’re constantly developing and improving our solutions related to functionality, design, and marketing in order to fulfill the project objectives. We strive to increase brand awareness and drive online sales.

KUJKA.COM digital agency services comprise all stages of digital strategy, web design, web development and internet marketing:



If you want your business to remain competitive in a harsh internet marketing environment, we offer you a well-developed, comprehensive strategy. With our services you can maintain a memorable online presence and drive excellent results in your business. By creating industry-specific solutions that will help you achieve your company’s goal, your business will engage targeted audience effectively. Our customized web services are adjusted to the exact specifications of your website, because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all policy!


  • Web design – If you want an attractive, stable and functional website, it must be supported by the newest web design technologies. We put an accent on usability, custom programming, and responsive design.
  • Graphic design – We also pay close attention to creative branding solutions. By fully understanding the personality of your company we are able to turn it into an impressive graphics. More specifically, into visuals that will adequately represent your brand.


We will professionally implement development solutions and responsive designs that will fit all your needs. The code we write is concise and maintainable, and our designs are custom-made. However, if the customized solutions don’t match your price range, we also offer smart, affordable, and ready-made WordPress themes!


The integration process that we use relies on a system and software analysis, HTML coding, development, testing, and all those activities necessary to carry out your business project as a whole. In fact, we integrate the best tools and software to increase your sales margins and accelerate your business. Some of them being: affiliate system integrations, shopping cart integrations, user tracking integrations, data analysis, software integrations etc.

Internet Marketing

Due to our powerful content, well-conveyed analytics, and comprehensive strategy, we achieve successful conversions and specific objectives. If you want to maximize the visibility of your brand on the internet, and have a constant insight into your business’ progress, rely on KUJKA.COM’ results-driven techniques that will increase your traffic and revenues.  We use the following smart solutions in order to maximize the positive results:

– PPC (Pay Per Click Management),
– SEO (Search Engine Optimization),
– CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization),
– Social media marketing,
– Content marketing,
– Email marketing,
– Online reputation management,
– Affiliate marketing,
– Marketing consulting

Digital Analysis and Reporting

We will professionally implement development solutions and responsive designs that will fit all your needs. The code we write is concise and maintainable, and our designs are custom-made. However, if the customized solutions don’t match your price range, we also offer smart, affordable, and ready-made WordPress themes!


LAST but not LEAST

Don’t waste your time and money on multiple niche agencies when you have access to full digital agency services, because KUJKA.COM can take complete care of your online presence! Think about the benefits of hiring a full-service agency. Helping you handle different channels for your brand promotion at the same time is what we do. By hiring a niche agency you may be at risk that your brand voice and the channels be in inconsistency. That’s why we focus on all aspects of your business digital presence (web design, web development, content management, SEO, PPC, social media, etc.). By working together we are able to create a memorable image of your brand!

It”s time to explore new opportunities and we’ll help you make the most of your digital business and online presence, with no stress and no hassle. If you want to accelerate your online growth, check out our professional analysis and user research approach as well. Finally, talk to us about your project. With our expertise, we’ll help you bring your business to life! Make your business stand out today!


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